“Since I have joined the Keepers’ Club International, New York City Chapter, it has been a roller coaster ride of fun events. I am looking forward to having and sharing these momentous events with all of the community.”

Edward Springfield

High School Student, New York City

Being a part of the Keepers’ Club International is to give inspiration and serve as guide to those who are of my age and of the youth. It is just here at the Keepers’ Club that I have felt a sense of accomplishment like this.

Carla Araneta
Young Professional, Real Estate Broker

I am a bully since elementary school, I have made trouble everywhere, my family almost spewed me away. I thought that I am naturally a dominator, a bully by blood, but since the Keepers’ Club came, I realized that I am in dire need of real friends. People to call buddies, and I found them all here. Thanks Keepers’ Club!

Faulkner Lee Samson
Senior High Student, New York City

“I thought I have no talent, but Keepers’ Club proved me wrong.”

Altaire Von Frankfurt

I am just a simple kid from Ontario, Canada. Currently 17 years old senior high student. I have an older brother whose stars were the luckiest in the family. He is smart, good in basketball, guitar and piano maven. While I still don’t know my talent, I look up to him and respect him for his prowess. One day, my friend and I got a flyer while walking home from school. It says “FREE Music Lesson”, I was like meh at that time because of my insecurity. My friend then decided to attend and he tagged me along. Right there and then I have decided to join the club for some folks that I know were like surprisingly music enthusiasts. The Club taught me guitar at first, and I was surprised of how quick I have learned it thru the guidance of the Keepers’ Club Members. I never regret being tagged in that day, for it was the day I discovered that I do have a talent.

In my nature of work, stress really gets the better of me. I have no time just for anything. Working almost 24 hours a day was never fun and cool! But that was before the Keepers’ Club came along. They taught me every single aspect of life that I need. Now, I apply the knowledge to my everyday life, and it never fails to surprise me!

Xindy Arria Pendleton
Registered Nurse, London, England

At first, I thought that the Keepers’ Club activities were just meant for those who are lonely and insecure kids. I had a 180 degree turn when I have known that the Club also conducts hiking by tree planting activities, I got hooked mate!

John Vuhn Gonzales
Architecture Student, De La Salle University