Wanderlust: For the pursuit of Outdoor Exploration

By: Keepers Club | November 11, 2017

Keepers Club

No matter what season it may be, one of the most fun things that young people get to do is head outside, play for hours and explore the real world out there. Some of the most fun outdoor games do not involve hi-tech toys or gadgets; all you usually need are fishing rods, a skipping rope, bottled waters and perhaps some buckets of endorphins to make it throughout the day. Here in California, we brag cities that have so much great urban and theme parks; great fishing spots and also larger natural playgrounds less than an hour outside of the city-limits. All these natural amenities are a bite of haven for the members of the Keepers Club International as an avenue for camaraderie, friendship and team building.

For the couple of months, the Keepers Club Los Angeles has been enthralled by the enjoyment brought by hiking. Going to Ranyon Canyon Park, which is just 15 minutes away from the Keepers Headquarters in van Nuys was absolutely awesome. Enjoying the great view of the Los Angeles City from the peak of the hill was sure a heavenly accomplishment. It was also fun to do fishing and Navy Ship touring when the Keepers Club LA together with the youth of San Diego. It was a thrill to stalk an elusive wild trout or matching the hatch and a challenge to catch fishes when your companions caught some. But over-all, nothing can beat the purpose of having such time to unwind from the pressures of life and a way to relax or simply have fun and we so much love every minute of fishing with each other, our family and friends. The Keepers from Delano on the other hand, made sure that they get to enjoy outdoor strolling in the season of harvest in their laid-back city as they visit the Universal Studios Hollywood. The fulfillment part of the visit was even if that was Saturday, they were able to try all the rides and shows for the whole day (thanks to the tips from the internet) which made their visit to the so-called entertainment spot in the world oh so worth it.

Numerous studies have shown that outdoor places and nature spots are a truly healing platform. Getting kids outside can enhance social behavior, help alleviate stress, promote optimal psychological functioning and improve recovery from physical trauma. In fact, many youth therapies involve getting kids outside.

With the Keepers Club’s goal to reach thousands poor young lives to get back on the right track, outdoor activities and bonding have been a great contributor to fulfill this cause