Keepers Club Hawaii Summer Camp: A Success

By: Keepers Club | November 10, 2017

Keepers Club

Congratulations for the success of the 1st Hawaii USA Summer Camp 2017. The 3-day event consist of activities and competitions participated by adult leaders, youths & keepers club members from the different Islands of Hawaii. (clockwise from left) Posing for posterity are members from the Teams Leeward Blue Eagles & The team from Winward Red Warriors; Lady dancers from the red team showing off their winning smiles; In their funny costumes are the Leeward blue men dancers; Members of the board of judges Muriel GI from Pinas News, Felina Salinas Administrator for KLC Hawaii, Carlo Catiil Event Coordinator; (below) The Red Mexicano male dancers of the Winward Reds; Members of the Hula Adult dancers waving an island greeting; The opening ceremony held at the Kapalama Gymansium in Hawaii; Youth members of the musical; (center) The Red Warriors, 1st place for the Cheer dance competition in their winning stance.