Summer Camp for all the Keepers Club members in California, Nevada & Texas.

After the victorious International Youth Congress, the Keepers Club Members in United States. Initiated and concluded a summer camp for all the Keepers Club members in California, Nevada & Texas.

The 4-day camp was joined by 3 Teams: the Team North California Seahawks, South California Eagles and Central Pacific Lions of the West Coast USA where they all converged in Silver Saddle Ranch in California City, California.

Our first day Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy was the Opening Ceremony an Dance League Competition graced by our Youth and Events Administrator, Bro. Marlon Rosete with all the coordinators and ministers of United States of America. Everyone has showcased their hidden grooves and dancing talents as they have practiced for this competition tirelessly for many weekends.

The following day was our Literary Event where we held events showcase the knowledge and wisdom of the young people pertaining to Kingdom Manna and Doctrine such as Bible Quiz, Bible Games and Drill. We also held our very first Spelling Bee where all the delegates participated and only magic 3 left as best spellers. We also had our Extemporaneous Speech contest.

By the afternoon, we held indoor games such as chess, scrabble, darts and table tennis. We also did Simultaneous contest with Hair and Make-up Contest and Photography Competition.

Our 3rd day was our Music Fest with competitions on The Voice of Keepers, a solo singing competition, The Sound of Keepers, a solo-instrumental showdown, Ensemble competition and a mini-band orchestra competition. The evening was filled with a more spiritual learning as all the delegates met with their respective coordinators and ministers where they were able to testify and speak out about their personal, family and spiritual life.

Then the delegates headed to the campground for a Bonfire ceremony.

The last day was filled with more excitement and competitive spirit as all teams fought in an
Amazing Race challenge where the three teams were dared to face 10-rounds of challenges, with all the game twists and race that will put their physical and mental abilities to test in an outdoor scene.

The last day which is our Awarding Ceremony, all the delegates received a Certificate of Participation and everyone was thrilled to know the event they were able to win.

Ultimately, the Team South California Eagles was declared as the Grand Champion of this year’s WestCoast SummerCamp 2017, while the Central Pacific Lions emerged as the 1st runner up and North California bagged the 2nd runner up and also won the Most Organized Team of the Summer Camp.

We thank you Pastor for your boundless love to young souls that can accommodate the whole world. As youth leaders and privileged FTMWs assigned here in United States commissioned to take care of the Almighty Father’s vineyard, it is of pleasure to see and witness how your provision of 70,000 souls will come up soon and we are exceited to send our delegations to the Kingdome’s 10,000 voice choir and orchestra!

We are excited Pastor to tell you more victory reports and thrilled to tell you whats gonna happen next! And with all these victories Pastor, we give you back all the glory and honor to the Almighty Father, the Creator of all through you Pastor.

Keepers Club Los Angeles has been enthralled by the enjoyment brought by hiking.

No matter what season it may be, one of the most fun things that young people get to do is head outside, play for hours and explore the real world out there. Some of the most fun outdoor games do not involve hi-tech toys or gadgets; all you usually need are fishing rods, a skipping rope, bottled waters and perhaps some buckets of endorphins to make it throughout the day. Here in California, we brag cities that have so much great urban and theme parks; great fishing spots and also larger natural playgrounds less than an hour outside of the city-limits. All these natural amenities are a bite of haven for the members of the Keepers Club International as an avenue for camaraderie, friendship and team building.

For the couple of months, the Keepers Club Los Angeles has been enthralled by the enjoyment brought by hiking. Going to Ranyon Canyon Park, which is just 15 minutes away from the Keepers Headquarters in van Nuys was absolutely awesome. Enjoying the great view of the Los Angeles City from the peak of the hill was sure a heavenly accomplishment. It was also fun to do fishing and Navy Ship touring when the Keepers Club LA together with the youth of San Diego. It was a thrill to stalk an elusive wild trout or matching the hatch and a challenge to catch fishes when your companions caught some. But over-all, nothing can beat the purpose of having such time to unwind from the pressures of life and a way to relax or simply have fun and we so much love every minute of fishing with each other, our family and friends. The Keepers from Delano on the other hand, made sure that they get to enjoy outdoor strolling in the season of harvest in their laid-back city as they visit the Universal Studios Hollywood. The fulfillment part of the visit was even if that was Saturday, they were able to try all the rides and shows for the whole day (thanks to the tips from the internet) which made their visit to the so-called entertainment spot in the world oh so worth it.

Numerous studies have shown that outdoor places and nature spots are a truly healing platform. Getting kids outside can enhance social behavior, help alleviate stress, promote optimal psychological functioning and improve recovery from physical trauma. In fact, many youth therapies involve getting kids outside.

With the Keepers Club’s goal to reach thousands poor young lives to get back on the right track, outdoor activities and bonding have been a great contributor to fulfill this cause

Keepers Club Members of East Coast with its mission is to extend a helping hand to children

MANCHESTER, Connecticut – The Children’s Joy Foundation Inc (CJFI) a non profit organization TOGETHER WITH The Keepers Club Members of East Coast with its mission is to extend a helping hand to children in need all over the world have conducted a back-to-school drive and feeding program in the city this August 2017. The event took weeks of preparation with the help of citizens from the local community. Everyone helped in the set up and decorations. Goodies were brought in by local bakeshops and stores. Cotton candy booths, snow cones, candies were in abundance.

Everything that a child would wish for was there. The event was held at the property of Dr. Lenka Babuska at 150 Spencer St. Manchester, CT. Dr Babuska earned her BS in Animal Science from the University of Maryland and went on to the New York State College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell where she earned her D.V.M. in 1984. After five years of practicing on.

Long Island she moved to Connecticut and Manchester Veterinary Clinic with her husband and two children. Both the parents and children were thankful for the school supplies and prizes they received from the program. One of the parents said, “it was perfect timing” that they received school supplies before their kids go back to school in the fall. “It was such a blessing for them” said another parent who had a large family. CJFI staff and volunteers in bright red t-shirts also thanked everyone for being a part of the event and for participating in making a difference in the lives of many children one child at a time. The CJFI continues to hold gift giving and feeding programs all over the Unite States in its vision to accommodate millions of children-to feed, clothe, and give shelter and access to free education.

The Keepers Club California brought the Hilton Hotel Glendale down with breathtaking concert presentations last October 16 in a Concert Dinner that ushered the sought-afterdinner fellowship of the President of the Keepers Club International, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy. A night filled with surprised and fantastic series of performances were showcased by the Youth Leaders and Members of the Keepers Club International of California which also gave a great climax to the last quarter of the year.

After the much-applauded and victorious King is Coming Tour Concert of our idol, our model and our hero: the President of the Keepers Club International, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, comes an exquisite dinner filled with music and fellowship together with all the Kingdom Citizens and Leaders of California, USA Fulltime Miracle Workers and members of Keepers Club Los Angeles. A dinner fellowship has always been a customary convocation gathering of the Kingdom Leaders with the Pastor Apollo every after his gospel concert. But what made it special this time though is the series of performances from the Keepers Club Youth Leaders and members of United States prepared for a very special person who has a big heart and trust for the young people. The night was opened by the jaw-dropping performance of the brass band who nailed Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk hit by Saxophones, Trumpets and trombone stunts of Simon, Anjun, Tim, Jared, Adrian, Louie and myself. The Keepers Club girls meanwhile put the whole crowd in some divine feels with their ensemble performance of inspirational song “The Climb.” The whole ballroom was wowed by the Beatles performance of our Keepers Kids Gabby, Roman, Koa & Randy. Karen Carpenter was relived once more as Keepers Youth Leader Joy Tabanao nailed the ‘I Have You’. A warrior spirit was kindled as Charissa Corbo sung the famous Mulan soundtrack ‘Reflection’. Fans of oldies whooped as the Been Gees mens ensemble (Benjie, Eljayben, Mhilver and Plong) rendered ‘How Deep is Your Love’. The Keepers Club Ladies Ensemble on the other hand sprinkled stardust performance of all-time favorite oldies songs. EljaybenDandan walked through the stage from the crowd, warming all hearts with his rendition of ‘The Warrior is a Child”. The Keepers Club members showed off their talents by the rendition of Beauty & the Beast and How Far I’ll Go using their Harp, Acoustic Guitar, Clarinet, Violin and Saxophone. Aliyah Gomez and Gab Ortizo stole the heart of the people of their duet rendition of True Colors. Everybody danced to the their feet as the Strings Trio, Joy, Pamela and Val nailed ther famous Hispanic song ‘Despacito’. The Male Keepers Club Youth Leaders also hooked the audience with the Beatles performance of “Ticket to Ride” and “8 Days a week”. Finally, the series of concert was closed by the magical duet of A Whole New World of Mhilver and Charissa. The President of the Keepers Club expressed his joy and amazement during his fellowship calling it as a ‘wow’ performance and was blessed to witness of the future generation of musicians, administrators and leaders of a society where young people are the light of the world and the hope of the future.

Keepers Club Int’l USA renovated Homes of Hope Foster Agency.

The Children’s Joy Foundation in collaboration with the Keepers Club Int’l USA renovated the playroom and parenting office of the Homes of Hope Foster Agency. This renovation project aims to have a child friendly place for the foster kids and their parents as well as to also modernize the office of the agency where they hold parenting seminars workshops and seminars.

Here in the Keepers’ Club In’t’l, you not only get to develop yourself into a talented, wholesome, and spiritually mature young person; you also get to have fun like no other.

There’s nothing like a sunny, sweltering Southern California day, but at least before summer of ‘17 ended the Keepers of Kern County, particularly in Delano, knew how to end it. And while most teenagers spend a day in the pool, on the beach, or just go out with their friends, these young people spent an entire day to entertainment capital.of the United States, the Universal Studios in Hollywood. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Jurassic Park, Transformers, The Mummy, Waterworld, Despicable Me and even the Simpsons are just some of the few of the year-round attractions of Universal Studios. Asides from the main attractions, there are thrilling next-level rides, awesome merchandise, and even food that represents their respective themes. It is also fun to say that that was the first time a few of the Keepers have been there. The experience and the excitement have apparently swayed a great influence over them.

But most of all, by the end of the day, there is only one man responsible for this immersive and epic outing: the Founder and President of the Keepers’ Club Int’l, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy. The Keepers Club of Kern county is more than grateful and blessed to Pastor Apollo for this one of a kind experience and they are so excited to meet the Beloved Pastor for His King is Coming Tour in Los Angeles this October and in Kern County in November.

Congratulations for the success of the 1st Hawaii USA Summer Camp 2017.

The 3-day event consist of activities and competitions participated by adult leaders, youths & keepers club members from the different Islands of Hawaii. (clockwise from left) Posing for posterity are members from the Teams Leeward Blue Eagles & The team from Winward Red Warriors; Lady dancers from the red team showing off their winning smiles; In their funny costumes are the Leeward blue men dancers; Members of the board of judges Muriel GI from Pinas News, Felina Salinas Administrator for KLC Hawaii, Carlo Catiil Event Coordinator; (below) The Red Mexicano male dancers of the Winward Reds; Members of the Hula Adult dancers waving an island greeting; The opening ceremony held at the Kapalama Gymansium in Hawaii; Youth members of the musical; (center) The Red Warriors, 1st place for the Cheer dance competition in their winning stance.

In our last article, we have tallied up some of the achievements and frequent activities of the Keepers particularly in Southern California. Now, we’re moving on to the East Coast Keepers Club. The Keepers Club members of New York, Virginia, Connecticut, and Chicago also have their fair share of victory reports. The recent King is Coming Tour in Queens, New York was definitely most successful, and the East Coast Keepers are none too happy to become part of it. Within just months of practice — from square one — these young people already had something to present for the Son and for the world: through music. Strings to woodwinds to brass: a symphonical variety that appeals the senses and glorifies none other than the Father Almighty through the Appointed Son! This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. That was the Kingdom Children Growth School (KCGS) students’ pledge.

These delightful little children from ages _-_ also had their own way of joining in the limelight, delivering entertainment for the people and pride in each of their parent’s glowing faces. Like, who wouldn’t want to experience being a witness of them singing their hearts out to yours, full with promise to be the hope of our future as well as theirs? The KCGS pretty much works in the same way the Keepers Club International does: to bring up the children and the youth in a way that they grow up to become wholesome, productive, and righteous individuals in their respective places. Of course, the KCI and the KCGS are under the leadership and initiative of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, who always had plenty of room in his heart for the children and the youth. Not just a soft spot, but a heartfelt belief, care, and bottomless love for all — no matter what age, race, or social background; because, after all, love is the greatest. Love is all we need.