The EASTCOAST KEEPERS / KCGS rocks the Stage

By: Keepers Club | November 10, 2017

Keepers Club

In our last article, we have tallied up some of the achievements and frequent activities of the Keepers particularly in Southern California. Now, we’re moving on to the East Coast Keepers Club. The Keepers Club members of New York, Virginia, Connecticut, and Chicago also have their fair share of victory reports. The recent King is Coming Tour in Queens, New York was definitely most successful, and the East Coast Keepers are none too happy to become part of it. Within just months of practice — from square one — these young people already had something to present for the Son and for the world: through music. Strings to woodwinds to brass: a symphonical variety that appeals the senses and glorifies none other than the Father Almighty through the Appointed Son! This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine. That was the Kingdom Children Growth School (KCGS) students’ pledge.

These delightful little children from ages _-_ also had their own way of joining in the limelight, delivering entertainment for the people and pride in each of their parent’s glowing faces. Like, who wouldn’t want to experience being a witness of them singing their hearts out to yours, full with promise to be the hope of our future as well as theirs? The KCGS pretty much works in the same way the Keepers Club International does: to bring up the children and the youth in a way that they grow up to become wholesome, productive, and righteous individuals in their respective places. Of course, the KCI and the KCGS are under the leadership and initiative of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, who always had plenty of room in his heart for the children and the youth. Not just a soft spot, but a heartfelt belief, care, and bottomless love for all — no matter what age, race, or social background; because, after all, love is the greatest. Love is all we need.