Keepers’ Orientation in RMHS Cubao

By: Keepers Club | April 24, 2017

Keepers Club

Keepers’ Orientation in RMHS Cubao

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The Keepers’ Club has invaded one of the Premiere Public High School in Manila! Ramon Magsaysay High School Cubao has officially welcomed the Keepers’ Club International as a part of their vast community. As the Keepers’ Club entered the school’s portals, Lots of cheer and excitement awaited our group! As the group prepared for the Keepers’ Introduction and Orientation to the campus, students lined up excited and playfully. As the Orientation proceeded, the students were promptly on attention, showing the sheer interest on what the club has to offer.

After the Orientation, many interested youngsters have enlisted themselves to be an official Keepers’ Club Member. They were very enthusiastic to start their journey as a Keepers’ Club member to learn, discover and enhance their talents. Some cannot hide their joy and posed for the Keepers’ Sign as the cameras hit them. They are now ready to be active and move themselves for the better!