Keepers Club California Antes Up a Concert Night of Music Extravaganza

By: Keepers Club | November 10, 2017

Keepers Club

The Keepers Club California brought the Hilton Hotel Glendale down with breathtaking concert presentations last October 16 in a Concert Dinner that ushered the sought-afterdinner fellowship of the President of the Keepers Club International, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy. A night filled with surprised and fantastic series of performances were showcased by the Youth Leaders and Members of the Keepers Club International of California which also gave a great climax to the last quarter of the year.

After the much-applauded and victorious King is Coming Tour Concert of our idol, our model and our hero: the President of the Keepers Club International, Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, comes an exquisite dinner filled with music and fellowship together with all the Kingdom Citizens and Leaders of California, USA Fulltime Miracle Workers and members of Keepers Club Los Angeles. A dinner fellowship has always been a customary convocation gathering of the Kingdom Leaders with the Pastor Apollo every after his gospel concert. But what made it special this time though is the series of performances from the Keepers Club Youth Leaders and members of United States prepared for a very special person who has a big heart and trust for the young people. The night was opened by the jaw-dropping performance of the brass band who nailed Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk hit by Saxophones, Trumpets and trombone stunts of Simon, Anjun, Tim, Jared, Adrian, Louie and myself. The Keepers Club girls meanwhile put the whole crowd in some divine feels with their ensemble performance of inspirational song “The Climb.” The whole ballroom was wowed by the Beatles performance of our Keepers Kids Gabby, Roman, Koa & Randy. Karen Carpenter was relived once more as Keepers Youth Leader Joy Tabanao nailed the ‘I Have You’. A warrior spirit was kindled as Charissa Corbo sung the famous Mulan soundtrack ‘Reflection’. Fans of oldies whooped as the Been Gees mens ensemble (Benjie, Eljayben, Mhilver and Plong) rendered ‘How Deep is Your Love’. The Keepers Club Ladies Ensemble on the other hand sprinkled stardust performance of all-time favorite oldies songs. EljaybenDandan walked through the stage from the crowd, warming all hearts with his rendition of ‘The Warrior is a Child”. The Keepers Club members showed off their talents by the rendition of Beauty & the Beast and How Far I’ll Go using their Harp, Acoustic Guitar, Clarinet, Violin and Saxophone. Aliyah Gomez and Gab Ortizo stole the heart of the people of their duet rendition of True Colors. Everybody danced to the their feet as the Strings Trio, Joy, Pamela and Val nailed ther famous Hispanic song ‘Despacito’. The Male Keepers Club Youth Leaders also hooked the audience with the Beatles performance of “Ticket to Ride” and “8 Days a week”. Finally, the series of concert was closed by the magical duet of A Whole New World of Mhilver and Charissa. The President of the Keepers Club expressed his joy and amazement during his fellowship calling it as a ‘wow’ performance and was blessed to witness of the future generation of musicians, administrators and leaders of a society where young people are the light of the world and the hope of the future.