Eu Amo Keepers’ Club!

By: Keepers Club | April 24, 2017

Keepers Club

Eu Amo Keepers’ Club!

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Our Keepers’ Club members from Sao Paolo, Brazil has launched a new Fansign Campaign! The “Eu Amo Keepers Club International”, which means “I love Keepers’ Club International” in English. This is to attract more young people and share the fun and activities to others, also to express our Brazilian members’ hype and drive to recruit more for the Club.

Not only on Sao Paolo, the Keepers’ Club International is also visible to other cities, such as Rio de Janeiro and Goiana. They are offering a huge pool of fun activities that is being enjoyed by its members. As the other Keepers’ Club homebase in the South American continent, Brazil has been a home for young people whose lives have been changed, now, they are on the hunt of more young people so they can share what “Fun and Cool” is like!