All About the Keepers’ Club!

Find out why its fun and cool to be a Keepers’ Club Member!

Why Keepers?

The name Keepers’ Club is derived from the famous Bible passage, “I am my Brother’s Keeper” because it represents the values the club represents – preserving the spiritual value formation of every member through involving in different activities thus creating a balanced well being of a person.

The Keepers’ Club is an interest-oriented organization, and it is centered on the teachings of our Almighty Father Lord Jesus Christ which is based on the Bible. With its main objective of preserving of “keeping” the spiritual value formation of an individual, it offers different activities which expose the young person and develop his or her talents, abilities and skills into becoming responsible and productive members of the society.

As a youth group, the Keepers’ Club caters to all the needs of the students, whether it be physical, material, intellectual or spiritual, by providing activities that will suit their lifestyle and personality, so long as it leads them to the right path.

So, for the Musically-inclined – there are MUSIC TRAININGS AND WORKSHOPS.

For the lovers of literature, and art – you can take part of the WRITER’S AND ARTIST POOL.

For those who act, and have theatrical talents, the Keepers’ Club goes hand in hand with the KINGDOM THEATER ARTS CLUB (KTAC) to provide a venue for the students to explore their talents in this field.

And we also have SPORTS TOURNAMENTS – we will be providing sports clinics to teach basic basketball, volleyball and other sports.

The Keepers’ Club is also a KEEPER OF THE EARTH – there are drug awareness seminars and several symposia on health care and environmental concerns as well as socio-civic community services to address the needs of the city where the Keepers’ Club belongs.

And most of all, WE STUDY THE WORD OF GOD here – through fellowship, counseling and Bible studies; we talk about the promises and blessings of the Lord of lives.

Keepers’ Club Activities

  • Free Music Lessons

  • Free Sport Activities

  • Youth Service

  • Leadership Seminars

  • Alumni Night

  • Weekend Retreat

  • Cookouts

  • Team Building

  • Popcorn Afternoon / Film Viewing

  • Ice Cream Afternoon / Build Your Own Sundae

  • Go As A Group To School Athletic Events

  • Small Group

  • Counselling

  • Meet And Greet With The Keepers Club Almuni

  • Spiritual Nourishment Over A Cup Of Coffee

  • Acquiantance Gathering

  • Baranggay Or Campus Youth Crusade

  • Recreational Activities / Games

  • Sports Activities (Indoor Or Outdoor)

  • Outing

  • Keepers Olympics

  • International Youth Camp

  • Environmental Activities Like Tree Planting, Clean-Up, Etc.

  • Literary

  • Free English Lesson For Foreigners

  • Brigada Skwela

Seven Reasons to Join Keepers Club

Academic Help

Keepers Club International expects serious attention to academic performance. A strong academic record not only prepares members for success after graduation, but it also helps them strengthen their mind to the world. Keepers will help its members excel in their academic life and assist in their pursuits afterward.


KEEPERS teaches the basic principles of effective living such as integrity, honesty and patience which are core values in Keepers Club International. Generations of men and women have become successful in life through their experiences in Keepers Club International.


KEEPERS offers the youths the opportunity to develop as leaders and prepares them to use those leadership skills during their lifetime. Keepers members are encouraged to take an active leadership role in community, campus, and activities.


Keepers Club International believes that the backbone of a successful team is based on building relationships and developing strong interpersonal ties. Keepers helps our members reach their full potential and achieve a level of excellence in every activity in which they engage.


KEEPERS is committed to instilling a sense of responsibility and contribution in all of our members. The Fraternity encourages members to provide service to their campus and community through philanthropic activities.

Brotherhood / Sisterhood

In Keepers Club International, hundreds of thousands of youths have established solid friendships that last a lifetime. Members around the world act as a network of friends, which can be very beneficial both personally and professionally to our members.

Spiritual Nourishment

If you want PEACE OF MIND, FREEDOM FROM FINANCIAL DIFFICULTY, MENTAL PROBLEM, DEPRESSION AND UNHAPPINES, Keepers Club International offers counseling and spiritual enlightenment. The club serves as a channel because indeed the Almighty Father is calling you to a life of JOY, FREEDOM and SALVATION.


We, the members of the Keepers’ Club International, imploring the help of the Almighty God, in establishing a student organization in its endeavor to employ spiritual soundness to assist the students in developing their mental faculty, socio-civic dimensions and physical well-being as well as their spiritual aspect in order to produce well-rounded and productive individuals who will stand as sentinels of goodness and armies of righteousness.

Purpose and Objectives

  • To make students have a more profound spirituality by having greater awareness of the Almighty Father, our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • The Keepers’ Club International prepares the students to be productive in all aspects in its endeavor to produce mature and productive citizens of the society.

  • The Keepers’ Club International programs and activities are aimed to develop the youths to become critical thinkers in various fields, may it be politically, socially, economically, morally and spiritually.

  • To instill the value of camaraderie, cooperation and goodwill among the youths.

  • To promote socio-civic consciousness through active involvement to school and community activities and joining information campaigns, symposia and other related activities.

  • To provide the students an avenue wherein they can discover and improve their talents.

  • To enhance and develop dynamic leadership among members of the organization through various comprehensive leadership trainings seminars.

The Keepers’ Club International members are expected to:

  1. Attain a broad awareness and competence in communications, humanities, social sciences and civic services activities;
  2. Respond to the challenges in life and exercise leadership in community activities;
  3. Be informed of the present realities / current issues of the nation and evaluate them for the purpose of contributing solutions to them;
  4. Contribute ideas for social change and improvement of the quality of human life;
  5. Understand and live the power of the youths as a tool for social change and as an instrument on the fulfillment of human development.

How to Lose Leadership

  1. Set out to defeat someone or something.
  2. Focus on your own personal goals.
  3. Show your superiority by forcing others into submission.
  4. Try to put yourself in a position of power.
  5. Use threats to get others to do things your way.
  6. Act unpredictably and surprise people.
  7. Pretend to agree with and support whoever you’re with.
  8. Avoid trying to understand the feelings of others.
  9. Don’t let people work together and think for themselves.
  10. Emphasize the insignificance of others and the superiority of your own position.
  11. Do tasks and set vision in accordance to your own will and strength.
  12. Not Seeking guidance from above.

We are all over the Philippines!

We also have branches all across the globe!

The Founding President

Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy envisioned a youth that is out of vices, drugs and bad influences of the world, for he has seen the ill fate of this things bring to the youth of today. Thats why he established the Keepers’ Club International. Through his big heart for the youth, he offered free activities to keep the youth busy on worthwhile activities, also to guide its members on the right path to take as early as their youth.

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