Get ready for a fun and long ride of activities that the Keepers’ Club International has to offer! Young people of all race and nations gather to enjoy camraderie, games and experiences!

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Friendly Community

With an international community of young people, Keepers’ Club Offers a huge network of individuals that you can jive with!

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We offer a huge pool of activities that will surely enhance and make you discover a talent for yourself.

Maximum Engagement

By doing the activity of its members’ interest, Keepers’ Club ensures maximum engagement and zero dull moment!

Keepers’ Club in Action

WESTCOAST Summer Camp 2017

After the victorious International Youth Congress, the Keepers Club Members in United States. ntly initiated and concluded a summer camp for all the Keepers Club members in California, Nevada & Texas. The 4-day camp was joined by 3 Teams: the Team North California...

Wanderlust: For the pursuit of Outdoor Exploration

No matter what season it may be, one of the most fun things that young people get to do is head outside, play for hours and explore the real world out there. Some of the most fun outdoor games do not involve hi-tech toys or gadgets; all you usually need are fishing...

Keepers’ Club Virginia Extends Help to Poor Kids

MANCHESTER, Connecticut – The Children’s Joy Foundation Inc (CJFI) a non profit organization TOGETHER WITH The Keepers Club Members of EastCoast with its mission is to extend a helping hand to children in need all over the world have conducted a back-to-school drive...

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