Keepers' Activities

Here are the activities that will KEEP you hooked!

Free Music Lessons

The Keepers Club Offers the easiest to learn and understand lessons of the music instrument of your choice, and its FREE!

Sports Activities

For sporty and active members, the Keepers’ Club offers FREE and fun sport games and coaching!

Environmental Activities

Every Keepers’ Club Member has his own share on taking care of nature and the environment around us.

Spiritual Guidance

Not only on physical activities, the Keepers’ Club also offers spiritual guidance an counselling with the messages of its Founding President.

The most special event of the year is HERE!

Join this year’s International Youth Congress! Fun and exciting events await every Keepers’ Club Member!

Everyone is Invited!

April 22 – May 09, 2017

Keepers’ Club HQ, Davao City, Philippines

What’s Latest on Keepers’ Club?

Eu Amo Keepers’ Club!

Our Keepers' Club members from Sao Paolo, Brazil has launched a new Fansign Campaign! The "Eu Amo Keepers Club International", which means "I love Keepers' Club International" in English. This is to attract more young people and share the fun and activities to others,...

Keepers’ Ecuador in Action!

Good News Keepers' Club Members! We can now welcome our Ecuadorian Members! As a Keepers' stalwart was established in Gayaquil, Ecuador in South America, many of our new Keepers' Club members enjoy the fun, action and activities that the Club offers. Each one that...

Happy 1st Anniversary Keepers’ Japan!

Time really flew for the pioneering Keepers' Club Members from the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan! Recently, our Japanese stalwart has celebrated its first year anniversary, the club conducted a simple celebration with the pioneer and newest members of the club....

Keepers’ Tree Planting at Rizal

In the Club's commitment on saving the environment, The Keepers Club International collaborated with different Non-Government Organizations such as the Sonshine Philippines Movement, DZAR 1026 Sonshine Radio Manila ans the Philippine Army to conduct a Tree Planting...

Keepers’ Orientation in RMHS Cubao

The Keepers' Club has invaded one of the Premiere Public High School in Manila! Ramon Magsaysay High School Cubao has officially welcomed the Keepers' Club International as a part of their vast community. As the Keepers' Club entered the school's portals, Lots of...

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