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Why Keepers?

The name Keepers’ Club is derived from the famous Bible passage, “I am my Brother’s Keeper” because it represents the values the club represents – preserving the spiritual value formation of every member through involving in different activities thus creating a balanced well being of a person.


The Organization aims to promote brotherhood without violence and to provide a sense of belongingness to every young person regardless of religious and cultural background.


The Keepers’ Club International envisions of providing avenues for every youth to discover and develop their potentials to create a positive impact to the society and eventually become future leaders the country.

The Founding President

Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy envisioned a youth that is out of vices, drugs and bad influences of the world, for he has seen the ill fate of this things bring to the youth of today. Thats why he established the Keepers’ Club International. Through his big heart for the youth, he offered free activities to keep the youth busy on worthwhile activities, also to guide its members on the right path to take as early as their youth.

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Many Schools, Colleges and Universities are with the Keepers’ Club!

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